On The Road RV Repair

Currently located in Royal Oak, Michigan


Eliminate odors caused by black and gray holding tanks

Restore tank sensors to like-new condition

Remove all struvite from the affected holding tanks

Struvite forms due to magnesium, ammonia, phosphate, hard water, ammonia, and other organic matter coming together.

Struvite can prove to be a major problem for holding tanks. Not to mention food particles, sludge cause by grease, soaps fats and detergents.

Hydro-jetting is the superior and safest method to rid of the buildup that can cause clogs in the holding tanks and pipes and systems.

This condition is also a major contributor to why tank sensors are not functioning and reading correctly.

Hydro-jetting does not cause any damage to pipes, or holding tanks.

Acids cleaning methods are costic, dangerous to pets and humans and cause severe damage to RV pipes and holding tanks,

especially their sensors when used incorrectly.

Using tank treatment chemicals only masks the problem and is another reason that your holding tanks get gummed up.

It actually makes a form of pancake batter.

Remember holding tanks are just that, they are not septic tanks.

We will also educate you on how to best use your waste systems to function properly, and efficiently.

Before we can begin work...

Our company uses a process called "Hydro-Jetting" which requires all of the following before we can begin!

1. Ensure that you have full hookup:

Our services require that you have full power, water, and sewer.

2. Dump your tanks:

Our services require that your gray and black tanks are completely empty.

3. Plan ahead
During the Hydro-Jetting process I may have to turn off your water in your RV,
so please plan ahead if anyone needs to shower or get ready for the day before hand.